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Definitionen av ordet "where":
rate 1. anagram hewer
rate 2. adv (not gradable), (conjunction) to, at or in what place Where does he live?" I put it on your desk. " " Where? I can't see it?" Where are we going? Now where did I put my glasses? Where's the party being held? Could you tell me where Barker Drive is please? Do you know where my black bag is? Where did you put my umbrella? Show me where to go. I've left my keys somewhere and I don't know where. You've found my diary - where on earth was it? I've been meaning to ask you where you get your hair cut. Bradford, where Bren comes from, has a lot of good curry restaurants. She lived in Rome for a couple of years, where she taught English. You see where Mira is standing? Well, he's behind her. I like to have him next to me where I can keep an eye on him. I read it somewhere - I don't know where (= in which book, newspaper etc. ) . Where can be used to mean at what stage. You reach a point in any project where you just want to get the thing finished. I've reached the stage where I just don't care any more. Where can also be used to mean in what situation. You're not available on the 12th and Andrew can't make the 20th - so where does that leave us? Where do you see yourself five years from now? (slightly dated) In the classical music world these days, authentic instruments are where it's at (= considered fashionable) . I see/know where you're coming from (= I understand what your opinion is and why you think that way) .
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