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Definitionen av ordet "flow":
+4 rate 1. act of flowing; movement of a liquid; something which flows; steady progression (of things, events, etc.); outpouring, outflow; rate of flowing; flood, overflowing; menstruation; (Slang) act of performing rap music
+2 rate 2. The rate of water discharged from a source given in volume with respect to time.
+1 rate 3. laminar flow
+1 rate 4. mass flow
+1 rate 5. v - (esp. of liquids, gases or electricity) to move in one direction, esp. continuously and easily Lava from the volcano was flowing down the hillside. Air flows over an aircraft's wing faster than it flows below it. An electrical current flows from positive to negative. Many short rivers flow into the Pacific ocean. The river flows through three counties before flowing into/to the sea just south of here. Your blood flows continuously through your veins. Which way does the sea's current flow along this coast? With fewer cars on the roads, traffic is flowing (= moving forward) more smoothly than usual. Something can be said to flow if it hangs down loosely and often attractively. Her long red hair flowed down over her shoulders. (figurative) After they'd all had a drink or two, the conversation began to flow (= people began to find it easy to talk) . (figurative) By eleven o'clock, the beer/drink/wine was starting to flow (= people were being given a lot of it to drink) . (figurative) My thoughts flow more easily (= I can think more easily) if I work on a word processor. (figurative) Offers of help are flowing into the disaster area from all over the country. (figurative) Please keep the money flowing in (= continue to send us money) !
rate 6. anagram fowl
rate 7. anagram wolf
rate 8. move along smoothly, stream; hang limply; overflow; rise; (Slang) rap, utter many words melodiously in a flow with little breaks, perform rap music
rate 9. cash flow
rate 10. deformation and flow
rate 11. flow meter
rate 12. gene flow
rate 13. Scapa Flow
rate 14. turbulent flow;
rate 15. The laws, regulations, and economic incentives or disincentives used by waste managers to direct waste generated in a specific geographic area to a designated landfill, recycling, or waste-to-energy facility.
rate 16. petroleum industry a current or stream of fluid.
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Taggar: flow, flyta, flöda, flöde, rinna, hårsvall, rinnande, stigande
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